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Consultant Services for

Transit Bus and Coach Facility Planning Services

For Road Runner Transit

A program division of Southern Colorado Community Action Agency


Road Runner Transit (RRT), a program division of Southern Colorado Community Action Agency, has operated public transit services on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation, La Plata County and Southwest Colorado since 1999.  For this entire time, vehicle maintenance has been done by several garages and mechanics.  Some service has been excellent, some spotty.  It’s not unusual to experience delays not just due to getting parts, but because other customers are in line before Road Runner Transit.  RRT has carried out several sustainable expansions, still operating:

  • Fixed route service, Bayfield to Durango, in 2006.  (Ignacio to Durango started in 1999.)
  • Ignacio New Freedom “escorted” paratransit in 2008
  • Ignacio Dial a Ride in 2011 (early microtransit)
  • Road Runner Stage Lines inner city ground transportation using coaches, Durango to Grand Junction, 2014.
  • Expansion of Ignacio Dial-a-Ride to include Bayfield, 2022
  • La Plata County Dial-a-Ride, covering non-tribal portions of La Plata County, 2022.

The fleet is now made up of __10_ vehicles:



Type I cutaways


Type II cutaways




Accessible vans


Van Hool Coaches


Pickup truck




Road Runner Transit is now leasing a facility in eastern rural La Plata County, 5 miles south of Bayfield. 

Goal of this Request for Qualifications

The goal of this RFQ is to identify interested and qualified persons and to ultimately contract with individuals who can prepare required work items and products which would precede the preparation and submission of a Capital Facilities Project applications.

Ideally, this would be completed in time to submit capital funding applications in 2023 for construction design and work in 2024.

Anticipated general work items

RRT has anticipated steps along the way based on the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally-Assisted Programs guidelines and input from other training sessions for transit providers.  Work needed to complete a capital funding application is included but not limited[1] to

Phase I

Define facility requirements including location and equipment

Assess location and suitability of Buck Highway location

Review government regulations and requirements

Phase II

Identify potential sites for new construction or acquisition and adaption with real estate agent

Phase III (if a priority site is chosen)

Assess suitability of location for transit services and prospective transit growth

Make recommendation to secure site control (if possible) and back it up

Conduct environmental assessment on recommended site

Identify any applicable land use requirements at priority site

Identify issues and risks

Jurisdictional coordination and involvement

Phase IV

Infrastructure and construction cost estimate, including inflation factors.

Funding strategy development

RFP response requested

  • Summarize your work history in the public transit field.  Attach a resume.
  • Describe any work you have done planning transit capital facilities, specifically related to vehicle maintenance.  List any projects initiated (by facility type and client), and dates completed if completed.
  • Given the work described in the phases above, please provide your assessment of your ability and capacity to complete the work described in the phases, including the Environmental Review and other key components of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally-Assisted Programs guidelines.
  • Responses are due at 5:00 PM on June 16, 2023.  Please submit responses in Word or PDF form by email to each of the following email addresses:

Lori Niewold, Executive Director        

Jay Rhodes, Road Runner Transit Director

Peter Tregillus, consultant                     

  • Please submit any questions by email to  The deadline for submitting questions is June 9, 2023.

[1] Because we have not done this before.